Q: Is it possible to connect over the Internet to the computer?

A: Yes, it is, but you must setup a port forwarding rule. Log into your router and forward all connections for port 15632 to your desired computer.
After that you can use the external IP address to connect to your computer either by scanning the QR code or by inserting the IP address.

Q: Which port is used?

A: 15632

Q: How can I uninstall the computer application?

A: You only need to delete the .jar file. The computer application doesn't need to be installed, so you don't need to uninstall it either.

Q: Can I connect two computers without using the Android app?

A: Yes, you can. The computer application includes a rudimentary web interface, which lets you shutdown, reboot or hibernate your computer immediately. Simply open the IP address in your browser, e.g. in my case:

Q: If I double click the computer applicaton, it does not open. What should I do?

A: Open the application with a right click and choose "open with". In general Java can be found under C:\Programs\Java\jre\bin\java.exe

Q: My computer doesn't get found?

A: Try one of the manual connection options.

Q: Can I support you?

A: Yes, you can. You can send me an email with ideas and improvements. I am also pleased with positive reviews. Additionally a good rating in the Android Play Store is very important for me!