The handling of this app is very easy and setting it up takes less than two minutes.

On your PC

Download the program for your PC from my homepage.

step 1

Start it with Java.

step 2

Open a presentation file. The corresponding application starts automatically (in my case PowerPoint). Don't click anywhere else now. The presentation application needs to be the focused program.

step 3
On Your Android Device

Start the app (if you haven't done it, yet).

step 4

Connect to a PC (either with WiFi or Bluetooth).

step 5

Load a presentation from the PC.

step 6

Save the presentation, if you like. So you don't need to load it from the PC again.

step 7

Start the presentation.

step 8

Use the big preview to move left or right (or use the volume buttons).

step 9

Use the small preview to jump to a specific slide.

step 10

Click on the big preview to play or pause a video.

step 11
step 12

Long press the small preview to view a file in full size.

step 13